The past few months have been a whirlwind of creative endeavors, but none quit as exciting as taking on the Bel Amour Wedding Planner, formerly known as the GonnaGetWed Planner Publication as its new design team and owners. The GonnaGetWed Planner has connected brides with local and regional businesses for over 11 years, all the while providing creative ideas and time tested advise to couples planning that perfect wedding. 


Knowing this, for the 2020 issue we have officially changed the name of the planner to "Bel Amour" Wedding Planner which means "Beautiful Love",


Greg and I have been thrilled to take on this unique opportunity. Having utilized the planner ourselves as local business owners, we know its value and potential. The mid-west is a beautiful place to live, grow, work and marry; Greg and I look forward to helping engaged couples not only find businesses and venues that will suit their needs but also help them organize one of the most prominent and memorable events of their lives – their wedding.


Who are Greg and LaRae Gieske?

Greg and I have been married for 18 years, and love, Love. We also love: our two young boys, making art, teaching, outdoors activities and travel. As a married couple, our life’s creative ambition has been to document timeless moments in

our own lives and the lives of others through the medium of video & photography. As our vision has developed over time we have found additional means to help others, one of which being the designing of Bel Amour Wedding Planner, as a platform for launching and supporting others in the industry to meet and serve their clients and customers.


Artist, Visionary, Photographer and Tech Genius, (I am one proud wife if you cannot tell!) Greg brings a level of knowledge and design sense to each project. After 17 years of marriage I have grown to realize there is nothing he cannot do that he sets his mind to because he pours himself into every challenge and job, heart and soul. He has one many awards over the years as a photographer and continues to set the standard.

LaRae Vennette

Artist, Teacher, Photographer & Mom, (I am most proud of the later.) I love life, love and color. That’s about it. I also love people and enjoy making them smile. I look forward to serving couples and businesses in the state that I love and surrounding mid-west area through the Bel Amour Wedding Planner.

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